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2010: A year best forgotten for Karwar -

Karwar : As 2010 comes to and end, people of the district have little to cheer about, except maybe enjoy the cold winter. The district hit the headlines when forest officials under the direction of the Lokayukta, seized nearly 8 lakh tones of iron ore at Belekeri and Karwar ports in May, on the charge of illegal transportation and stacking.

This was followed by the theft of nearly 5 lakh tones of iron ore in June. These two events had shattered the iron-ore trade in the state, forcing the government to ban ore export from ports.

While the people who suffered air and water pollution generated by the transportation and stacking of the ore, were happy with the ban, the government, particularly the CM who ordered the ban, incurred the displeasure of those involved in the ore trade, including influential politicians.

The district witnessed high political drama when Anand Asnotikar revolted against Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa, along with a few other colleagues, He had already caused discomfiture to the Congress leaders by joining the BJP under Operations Lotus.

He sprang a surprise again by supporting an independent candidate in ZP elections in Chendiye ZP segment in Karwar taluk.

There was turmoil when four Congress leaders, including AICC members Monte Fernandez, revolted against the leadership of RV Deshpande. Their suspension and rein-statement soon after Deshpande relinquished office as KPCC president, showed his waning influence in the party. November witnessed the fourth reactor unit of Kaiga nuclear power generating station attaining criticality. However it is certain that the unit with a generating capacity of 220 MW cannot ease the power crisis in the state.

Nearly 22,000 families who encroached forest land launched forest land launched a year long movement in the district demanding forest rights under the ST and other traditional Forest Dwellers Act of 2006. Their problem still remains unresolved.

The CM, who visited the district a couple of times, made a number of promises, including sanction of special grant of Rs 100 crore for the development of the district. The promises still remain on the paper.

A boat tragedy at Tadadi fisheries harbour in which five fishermen died, prompted the government to assure of dredging activities at all fisheries and commercial harbours in the state. Again this is yet to materialize.

Source - Sahil Online
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