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What you may not know about Ganesh Festival: An appeal !

What you may not know about Ganesh Festival: An appeal !

Ganesh Festival is really a time for festivities; it slowly starts to get Indian people into festive season mood that spans till end of Diwali. If you live in cities like Pune and Mumbai, you will know the kind of celebration that happens for 10 straight days. The streets are overflowing with people to see the beautifully decorated Ganesh Idols. The roads are closed at night, loud music and expansive lighting greets you everywhere.

At the end of 10 days, the Ganesh idol immersion is done with even bigger processions. It’s like a carnival. Dhol and Tasha sounds fill the air.

What happens next ?
Have a look…

Ganesh IdolGanesh Idol

Ganesh 1Ganesh Idol

Source: Ultrabrown

The sight of these Ganesh Idols is appalling. To be honest I could not even see the pictures, it is so awful. Seeing the Ganesh Idols lying on the shores like these, whom we worship all our lives is mind boggling. Thanks to Ultrabrown blog to bringing this pictures up.

This post is an appeal to Trakin readers to spread the awareness and importance of using Environmentally friendly Ganapati Idols. Read this…

The idols are made out of Plaster of Paris(PoP), which casts typically disintegrated water, thus making it necessary to be non-suitable for bathing, showering, or other activities involving contact with water. In addition, Plaster of Paris casts are not air permeable, and thus do not allow for the circulation of air beneath the cast which greatly facilitates the evaporation and removal of moisture trapped between cast and skin. This often leads to skin maceration, irritation, or infection.

These idols are then painted with ‘some’ dyes which contain poisonous elements like lead,mercury,carbon and cadmium.

In Mumbai alone every year 70-80 thousand Ganpati idols are immersed at about 50 different places during Ganesh Chaturthi resulting in huge amount of pollution. This polluted water is a threat not only to water creatures, but to us equally.

*** Do you know that photography is not allowed the next day at the beaches where immersion takes place? If you ask why then that’s because the beaches are full of desecrated idols, decaying flowers and dead fish the next day, and the Government tries its best to hide this from media and other activists.***

EcoGanapati is an initiative by bunch of guys from fropper. I wish them all the best in this initiative and I am sure Indian bloggers will join this cause, spread awareness and sign the petition that they have put up.

Here is the message from EcoGanapti:

Since internet is one of the greatest sources available in the modern world, it will assist us in spreading knowledge, escalating the matter and, thus, a greater and a purer revelry.

So, what we intend to do is:

  • Spread knowledge
  • Seek public interest
  • Learn more ways and ideas of celebrating the occasion with more purity
  • Share the results of this activity with the Government, the Mayors of Mumbai and Pune and the other concerned authorities.
    *** I intend to take print-out of the Petition page and, personally, deliver it to the concerned ministers and the Mayors.***

    Also, the matters will not end with just submitting the petition, I will keep on updating about the action being taken by the authorities in this matter and will follow [^] up diligently.

What you can do is:

  • Participate
  • Spread knowledge
  • Learn more ways and ideas of celebrating the occasion with more purity.

Please also check Relevant Links page to read more about this and to learn how to make eco-friendly Ganesha idols at home.

So, please do sign the petition and leave your comments [^]. The onus lies on us to make a difference with whatever resources we have. For suggestions, or if you are interested in joining this awareness campaign, please leave me a mail at

Again, sign the petition and help the cause.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hankon Thermal Plant - Green Signal ??

The Union Environment Ministry is learnt to have given clearance to the controversial Hankona thermal power project in Karwar which may have ‘major adverse environmental impact’ on the biodiversity-rich region along the Kali river in Karnataka.

The proposed 450-MW project is being strongly opposed by the natives of Karwar as also by Goa government which has objected to the coal-based plant being located too close to the famous Khotigao wildlife sanctuary in Canacona Taluka.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, BJP MP from Uttar Kannada Ananth Kumar Hegde maintained that “No Objection Certificate has recently been given to the project by Union environment ministry despite strong environmental concerns expressed by us and various environmental groups.” Asked whether he has communicated his reservation against the project to the state BJP government, he said “Yes. I don’t know about the government stand. But we have made it very clear that we don’t want it”, he said.

The objection of Goa government to the power plant has been registered in a letter written on June 26, this year, by Aleixo Sequeira, Goa Minister for power and environment , to Jairam Ramesh, Union Minister for environment & forests. “ The proposed power plant near Karwar is located approximately 5 kms away from the famous Khotigao wildlife sanctuary. The environment Acts stipulate that no such plant should be established within a radius of 25 km from a wildlife sanctuary. The people including tribals residing around the forest are afraid of the irrepairable damage and consequences that will be caused to this eco sensitive area”, says the letter. The Goa Minister had, therefore, requested Ramesh to stop the thermal plant.

The negative impact of the proposed power plant has also been listed by top forest officials of the Karwar division while assessing the environmental cost of the project. The Conservator of forests and Deputy-conservator of forests- of Karwar division have in their communication (in possession with Deccan Herald) this year authenticated effluent generation estimated to be 78m3 /hrs from the thermal power plant “which is going to be discharged in the river at a temperature higher than 5 degree C than the normal water temperature”. This , the forest officials write “ could cause migration of fishes” and “ may impact the life of aquatic fauna.”

Damage to ecology

“The proposed site is surrounded by mangroves ecosystem in southern direction that is the water course of Kali river and in North there are tropical rain forests which play an important role in the climate of the region”, says a letter of the Deputy Conservator to the Chief Conservator, Forests, Karwar division. It also mentions generation of .30 metric tonne of fly ash and .07 metric tonne of bottom ash annually and adds that its discharge in the air will “cause damage to the ecology of the area including flora and fauna combinedly.”

Former MP and now governor of Uttarakhand Margaret Alva has spoken against the project apprehending major Singur-like snowballing of the people’s protest against the power plant. Asked about the Congress-led Goa government’s communication to the Union environment minister against the thermal plant, MP Hegde said if they are so genuine “they should go to the court against the environment ministry for giving NOC to the project”. Hegde claimed the Congress opposition to the project was “superficial”. Quizzed as to why the current BJP government had not cancelled the project approved by the Kumaraswamy-led coalition dispensation, the saffron party Member of Parliament said “they cannot revoke permission given by the previous government.”

It looks like a long haul for the power project and those opposed to it....

Source - Deccan Herald News

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Dubai-bound ship runs aground near Karwar

Karwar (KTK),Jul 17 (PTI) A Dubai-bound commercial ship with 11 crew members, including six Indians, on board today ran aground off the Karwar coast.

The ship travelling from Malaysia to Dubai was carrying 10 crew members, including six Indians, three Iranains and a Siberian national, in addition to the captain, Karwar Port Director Mohan Raj Gatta said.

The authorities deployed tugs and launched operations to rescue the crew, he said. The ship M B Shaheen, carrying fuel and lubricant oil, is owned by Five Flower Trading Company of Obalali state of Dubai, Gatta said.fullstory

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