Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Demand for a new Kadwad-Sunkeri Bridge

This Bridge built in the year 1963 is the only nearest connecting Link to the Villagers  of Kadwad to Sunkeri and Karwar town. Now it is in a very Dilapidated Condition. A demand for a new bridge was put forth by the people, but so far the Government has not acted upon it. The  bridge is now dangerous even for two and three wheelers, and the people, including school and college Students, fishermen, pensioners, patients and employees, have to take a round-about route of Ten Kms to reach Kadwad from Sunkeri, which is just 300 metres across the Kali backwaters, a stone's throw away.
The anger of the villagers has now acquired a new magnitude, as they have reliably learnt that the present District-In-Charge Minister - Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri has diverted the Rupees Eight Crores meant for the new bridge to his Sirsi Constituency.
 The near-disqualification of the Karwar Constituency has silenced the voice of the Kadwad villagers in the Assembly, and they have no voice to vent their demands.
The visit of the Chief Minister Dr B. S. Yeddiyurappa to Karwar Constituency to hand-over the houses to the victims of the Maadibag Hill Landslide after over a year of the incident, had kindled some hope in the minds of the local people, that the bridge could be newly constructed after all. But now it is also learnt that the Chief Minister may not visit Kadwad at all to hand-over the houses to the land-slide victims, which has again enraged the local people.
The apathy of the Government to respond to the needs of the people, combined with the alleged discriminatory approach of the District-In-Charge Minister, to favor his Sirsi Constituency, at the cost of the other taluks of the District, and the hasty decision of the Karwar Constituency MLA Anand Asnotikar earning his dsqualification, has watered down the hopes of the people of this Region, to see any developmental works in Karwar. The very own BJP party of the Minister is dis-illusioned about his attitude as per this Report    
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