Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fisherman of Karwar

A lone Fisherman, walks on the shore, gazing at the Sea looking for the signs of movement/location of shoals of Fish....

In Karwar, fishermen still rely on the Intuitive traditional and conservative method of locating the Areas for fishing in the sea. Some of the fishermen have,by trial and error, honed their skills in this department, and such fishermen are very rare, and are in great demand by the Fishing Boat owners.
Locating the Fish is of substantial importance, to save on time, fuel and effort, and to make better profits in the market, for which such "experts" are needed. But these fishermen are now beaten in the game of Survival, by the big MNC trawlers that have the new navigational and GPS devices.

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And as the General Elections approach in April-May 2009, this Report appears - "Govt to fund domestic fish markets and stores" to gather the votes of the fishermen, maybe .... :-)
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